Table 1: History of the International Estuarine Biogeochemistry Symposium series (based on an oral presentation by Thomas M. Church at the 13 th IEBS, Bordeaux 2015).

  Location Date Topic/Theme Reference
“Prehistory”: International Symposium on the Chemistry of the Mediterranean (ISCM): Residence time, conceptual models, speciation controls of micro constituents, and heterogeneous processes in coastal waters.
  Primosten, Yugoslavia May 1984   MAR CHEM 18, 1986
  Rovinj, Croatia May 1992    
Transition to The International Symposium on the Biogeochemistry of Model Estuaries (ISBME)
1st Primoten, Yugoslavia May 1989 Physical, chemical and biological processes in stratified estuaries MAR CHEM 32, 1989
2nd Jekyll Island, GA, USA April 1991 Estuarine processes in global change MAR CHEM 43, 1993
3rd Svetlogorsk, Russia April 1993 Fate of chemical elements and compounds in aerotidal (Arctic) estuaries MAR CHEM 53, 1996
4th Nantes, France April 1995 Fate of organic compounds and trace metals in macrotidal estuaries MAR CHEM 58, 1997
5th   Rimouski, Canada May 1997 New approaches to estuarine chemistry MAR CHEM 65, 1999
6th Ispra, Italy July 2000 Large deltas and their impact on coastal zones: processes beyond the estuary boundaries influenced by river discharge MAR CHEM79, 2002
7th Grimstad, Norway May 2002 Biogeochemical processes in high latitude and subtropical estuaries MAR CHEM 83, 2003
Transition to The International Estuarine Biogeochemistry Symposia (IEBS)
8th Solomons, Maryland, USA May 2004 Tracing interface processes, mixing dynamics, and new techniques MAR CHEM 102, 2006
9th   Warnemünde, Germany May 2006 Estuaries and enclosed seas under changing environmental conditions MAR CHEM 107, 2007
10th   Xiamen, China May 2008 Estuaries in a changing world MAR CHEM 117, 2009
11th Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA May 2011 Crossing boundaries: Examining sources and sinks within and through estuarine systems not published
12th   Plymouth, UK June 2013 An integrated approach to estuarine biogeochemistry MAR CHEM 167, 2013
13th   Bordeaux, France June 2015 Estuaries under anthropogenic pressure MAR CHEM, this issue
14th Rimouski, Canada June 2017 Theme: to be defined  

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